Russian customer successfully held a conference

OR-FM3015 conference was successfully held successfully in Russia. The firm sheet metal shell and perfect workpiece trial cut that attracted the attention of the audience.

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The purchase of OREE LASER cutting machine is our most correct decision. The addition of OR-FM3015 will improve the processing efficiency of metal by nearly 20%, and save a lot of labor cost. At the same time,I am also grateful to OREE LASER engineers for their on-site guidance and help us successfully hold the conference.

–Russian customer



The Russian customer, whose factory is mainly oriented to the thin sheet metal processing industry, the carbon steel cutting thickness is concentrated at 3-6mm, and the stainless steel cutting thickness is about 2mm. According to customer feedback, OREE 1000w OR-FM3015 cutting effect is very nice- smooth cutting, small taper and high precision, 3mm carbon steel cutting speed is 3.5m/min, 2mm stainless steel cutting speed is 5~6m/min.

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Post time: Aug-29-2019
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