OREE laser OR-PT appearance new upgrade

Laser cutting machine, plate and tube dual-purpose laser cutting machine, plate tube fully enclosed laser cutting machine, new upgraded laser cutting machine.


 OREE laser P series exchange platform tube and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine (OR-PT) appearance of a new upgrade.

  • Elegant and deep gray tone blends with metal sheet metal, stainless steel and other elements, bringing a strong visual impact to the whole machine, with a unique charm.
  • The original frame line structure is cleverly highlighted by gray, black and white, which perfectly divides the plate cutting and pipe cutting areas.
  • The body has a large number of white tones, embellished with the OREE brand color, making the whole equipment more pure and vital, emitting the beauty of technology and environmental protection.


Fully enclosed body

The new upgrade OR-PT adds pipe cutting protection to the previous generation to reduce the impact of smoke generated by pipe cutting on the surrounding air. It also has a viewing port on the switch door to directly observe the cutting dynamics of the pipe. In addition, the pipe material collection vehicle is arranged under the cutting shield to facilitate collection after the pipe cutting is completed.


Large size pc display screen

The 19-inch arm-shake PC display has been upgraded to a 32-inch flat-panel type with a large screen and a wide viewing angle. The keyboard and mouse hidden storage, clean and tidy, perfect to keep the equipment smooth.


Independent power distribution cabinet

Upgrade the independent power distribution cabinet, the top layer is configured with beautiful and eye-catching breathing lights, and the running state of the equipment is clear. Electrical equipment assembly, strong and weak electrical isolation, to minimize circuit board interference; easy to maintain, good heat dissipation,dustproof, anti-static interference.

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Post time: Sep-23-2019
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