Oree laser new upgrade OR-PT

Oree laser large full-protection plate and tube dual-use fiber laser cutting machine OR-PT new upgrade, based on retaining the original excellent cutting performance, once again strengthens the concept of green environmental protection. A new independent pipe cutter cover has been added to make OR-PT protection more comprehensive.

New appearance upgrade


 Autofocus laser head

Automatic focus adjustment, suitable for a variety of focal lengths, no need to manually;

Automatic nozzle cleaning, efficient and worry-free;

The same laser head can quickly change the focusing mirror of different focal lengths, adapt to various power processing, and meet the cutting of different thickness plates.

 Exchange platform

The switchboard adopts a chain transmission system, which has large transmission power and strong overload capability, and can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, dust, and pollution;

The track brush is added, and the residual residue on the track can be cleaned when the upper and lower platforms are exchanged, so that the bed runs more smoothly;

When the plate-shaped workpiece is simultaneously loaded and unloaded during the cutting process, the platform replacement can be achieved within 15 seconds.


Fully enclosed protective cover

High laser protection grade cover to reduce the impact of laser on people;

Environmentally friendly soot collection system, enjoy the green movement;

Intelligent surveillance camera system, real-time monitoring of cutting operation, reducing safety hazards;

LED sports breathing lamp combined with a transparent observation window, experience the speed and passion between the electric and the flint.


 Laser tube cutting machine

High cutting precision, smooth cutting, clean, no burr, low material loss;

The cutting heat affected zone is small and there is almost no thermal deformation;

Can achieve mass production, high efficiency cutting.


 A wide range of applications


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Post time: Nov-22-2019
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