Material: Acrylic

The laser beam is the universal “tool” for acrylic processing regardless of the shape and material thicknesses.
The advantages of laser cutting are undisputed in the plastics and advertising technology sector.
Acrylic (PMMA) is ideal for laser processing projects such as illuminated advertisements, signage, point of sales displays and more. Without any additional post-processing, the laser cuts result in shiny, flame polished edges. Panels up to 25 mm thick can be cut efficiently and cost-effectively. Acrylic can be engraved to create a matted finish with the CO2 laser, or marked to create a color change with the fiber laser.

laser-engr-300-300 (2)      laser-engr-300-300     laser-engr-300-300 (1)


Post time: Dec-22-2017
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