Galvanized sheet

The cutting characteristics of

In this respect of auxiliary gas, there are three cutting processes for galvanized steel plates generally, which air cutting, oxygen cutting and nitrogen cutting. In the process of manufacturing galvanized sheet, auxiliary gas needs to be added. The purity and pressure of the auxiliary gas directly influence the quality of the cut sheet. The purity of oxygen used for cutting should be above 99.6%, when the oxygen purity for cutting is higher, the galvanized sheet section is with higher precision and quality. The nitrogen purity during cutting should be above 99.5%, increasing the purity of nitrogen can ensure that the incision does not change color during the cutting of the galvanized sheet.

Application industry

As the building industry, light steel keels, building panels, corrugated plates, rolling shutters, etc., used in various industrial and civil buildings; as home appliances and light industry, used in the housings and base plates of various types of household appliances; as the automotive industry, used in Car body, shell, inner plate, bottom plate and so on.

Post time: Jun-20-2018
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