Acrylic and Plastic

The cutting characteristics of

Compared to traditional cutting, there are many advantages of CO2 laser cutting engraving. For plastics, acrylics and other non-metal materials cutting, there are several advantages, such as high precision, fast cutting , no limited to the cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout saving materials, smooth incisions, low processing costs and so on. Since the laser slits finely, speedy and concentrates energy, the heat transferred to the material being cut is small, resulting in very small deformation of the material. Using computer programming, different types of products can be tailored to maximize the use of materials.

Application industry

Mainly used to cut acrylic, ABS, plastic sheet, tapes, films, fibers, poly methyl methacrylate resin, nylon, engineering plastics, foam plastics, general plastics, plastic products, plastic molds or other similar materials.

Post time: Jun-20-2018
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