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This fiber laser cutting machine mainly apply for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium and other metal sheet. And the fiber laser cutters are widely used in advertising, high pressure / low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery accessories, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators, electrical accessories, spring coil pieces, metro line parts and other industries.


  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply ability: 250 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C D/A D/P T/T
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    Raytools laser cutting head
    Swiss RAYTOOLS produced fiber cutting head that suitable for medium and high power industrial applications launched in 2017. And it did comprehensive optimization in dustproof design and customer experience.

    Yaskawa Servo Moto
    Yaskawa Electric is a professional manufacturer in the field of motion control. It is the first company in Japan to be a servo motor. Its products are known for their stability and speed, and they are cost-effective. They are the world’s largest sales and the most used servo brands in the industry. In China, Yaskawa has occupied the largest market share for many years.

    Welding bed
    The internal structure of the bed adopts aircraft metal honeycomb structure, which is welded by multi-section rectangular tubes. The inside of the tube is provided with reinforcing ribs to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, increase the tensile strength and stability of the guide surface, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed
    High strength, stability, tensile strength, and guaranteed no deformation for 20 years ;
    The rectangular tube has a wall thickness of 10 mm and the entire body weighs 4,500 kg.

    Aviation Aluminum Gantry
    It is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach T6 which is the strongest strength of all gantries. Aviation aluminum has high enough performance index, such as its strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue performance and weldability are very good, especially its corrosion resistance.

    Technical Parameters

    Working Area 3000*1500mm 1300*3000mm
    Pepeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
    Accuracy of Positioning ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
    Maximum Speed 50m/min 50m/min
    Laser Power 500W/750W/1000W 500W/750W/1000W
    Working Table Blade table Blade table
    Maximum Acceleration 0.6G 0.6G

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